Taxation Services

Self-Assessment for Individuals and Partnerships

We can provide the necessary input for helping you to complete your various self assessment tax returns. This can extend from preparing detailed tax computations to simply providing advice on specific tax situations.

Corporation Tax

We can provide the necessary input for helping incorporated businesses to complete the appropriate self assessment corporation tax returns.


We can provide advice and guidance in helping you to complete the required P35 / P60 end of year returns and P11ds for your higher paid employees and directors. We can also advise on the tax implications of proposed salary packages and employee benefits.

Tax Planning

Individuals are affected by not only various forms of Income Tax but also Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Limited companies are subject to Corporation Tax. If you have employees, then there is PAYE and National Insurance to deal with as well. To protect assets for the future, it is essential that any potential tax liabilities are minimised and planned for. By identifying the potential early, your assets can continue to grow and work for you. Consideration also needs to be taken of whether using a limited liability company is advantageous by paying corporation tax as opposed to income tax. Our tax planning services will help to order your affairs to minimise the amount of tax you pay and regular review will ensure that your aims and aspirations are met.

VAT Planning

VAT started off as a simple tax but over the years it has become more and more complex and the penalty regime increasingly onerous. Proper planning can ensure that only the appropriate liabilities are incurred and penalties are avoided.

Succession Planning

At some stage of your life, retirement will come. You may want members of your family or highly regarded employees to continue to run the business. You may want to transfer the business to them either in whole or part. You may want to take all your capital out or you may be prepared to take it over a period of time. All of this needs planning well ahead especially as there could be serious tax implications if the handover is not set up efficiently. With our assistance your well-being in retirement and the well-being of those left in the business can be assured giving you well deserved peace of mind when the time comes.

Retirement Planning

As well as planning for your business to continue, you will want to maximise your assets to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Again, with our assistance, this can be planned properly.