Business Diagnostics

Based on our experience of the needs of Small & Medium Enterprises, we have developed specific PC-based software diagnostics to assist in quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your business.

Analysis of the results provides clear indicators of areas which require further investigation providing the opportunity for rapid resolution of problems.

Our three primary diagnostics are:

Financial Review

By entering the data from three years financial accounts, a series of ratios are calculated which highlight the financial trends, strengths and weaknesses in the business.

Views & Perspectives

By analysing the answers to 200+ questions about your business the underlying management strengths and weaknesses can be identified. This together with Financial Review provides a sound starting point for the development of an improvement plan.

Activity / Resource Mapping

Over time working practices tend to change by demand rather than design. By analysing your business into activities, allocating applicable resources and mapping the relationships, areas of over / under manning duplication and superfluous processes are identified.